Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes specializes in program development and efficiency enhancement.  She has worked as an upper-level executive in both for-profit and non-profit settings.

Do you need to:

  • Increase the number of billable hours your clinicians have?  We will start by looking at some of the common time management pitfalls which prevent clinicians from acquiring all of their billable hours.  Then we will look at reasonable alternatives, both at the individual and system level.
  • Improve your profit margin? Many agencies use staff in ways that are inefficient or counterproductive.  Together with your staff we will examine places you can save money.  One organization increased their revenue by over $180k the first year by implementing telehealth instead of making psychiatrists travel to satellite clinics.  In another instance, an agency was using an awkward mesh of paper and digital records which was causing paybacks due to inability to find documentation, and requiring the maintenance of medical records staff to do nothing by sort, file and track the paper charts.  By switching to entirely digital records, and enabling staff to scan in paper documents and attach them to the client record, the organization Saved over $85k the first year, and the medical records staff were reassigned to alternate duties.
  • Start a new program? The most successful programs start out with a clear needs and barriers assessment.  Even if a program is needed, if the patients cannot access it, then it is doomed to fail.    The next step is to create the program manual and the budget for the first three years.  In the case of a nonprofit, grants may be available to fund the initial program start up.  Dr. Snipes has extensive experience writing SAMHSA grants and program manuals that conform to CARF, JCAHO and state standards.

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